Sr.No Name of P.I.          Title Duration Sponsoring Agency & Amount Grant / Amount Mobilized   Rs
01 Dr. Mohammed Ilyas Fazil [Principal] {Zoology} Study of heavy metal pollution of ground water at Beed 02 Years UGC 1,40,000/-

Dr. Hussaini Syed Shuaktullah Azmatullah [Vice-Principal] {Physics}

Growth and Characterization of Non-Linear Optical (NLO) Material Crystals using Solution Growth Technique for Opto- Electronic Applications. 02 Years UGC 1,25,000/-

Dr. Momin Raisoddin Khudboddin {Botany}

Physiology and Biochemistry of Selected Medicinal Plant of Marathwada region of Maharashtra. 02 Years





Dr. Asghar Jafar Khan {Chemistry}

Synthesis, SAR studies and evaluation of benzodiazepine and benzothiazepine derivatives as antimicrobial agents. 02 Years UGC   1,30,000/-

Dr. Shaikh Feroz Iliyas {Zoology}

Study of Peacock Sanctuary at Naigaon Dist. Beed, Maharashtra. 01 Year     Wilde life Dept. Aurangabad Govt. of Maharashtra 1,00,000/-

Dr. Shaikh Md. Attaullah Md. Khudratullah Jagirdar {Physical Education}

Comparison of Physical Fitness, BMI hemoglobin and Red Blood Cells between rural and urban collegiate 02 Years UGC 1,10,000/-

Mrs. Shamal Bhivrao Jadhav {Homescience}

An investigation on the role of nutrients on the growth of preschool children from Beed city. 02 Years UGC 70,000/-