Our Mission

Our Vision:

To mould the students to become good human beings as well as globally competent

Our Mission:

The mission of the college is

‘Imparting quality based higher education without discrimination of caste, creed, colour, religion and sex with special attention on, spread of education in minorities’.

It also includes.

• To provide value based and job oriented education.

• To promote intellectual and cultural development of society.

• To use education as the device of the social change.

The college organizes various activities to raise awareness among the students regarding the social, cultural, political and environmental realities of contemporary India. The vision and mission are communicated to all the stakeholders by means of Management-Teachers Meeting, Principals-students Meeting, Alumni Association Meeting, and Principal-Parents Meeting and through the organization of various events and activities. These are also displayed in the college campus and on website.


To prepare our learners with the prescribed syllabi of Parent University as well as providing high quality, innovative and responsive education and training programmes, including comprehensive education that lead toward certificates, diplomas, degree and competitive exams. We strive to prepare them to develop their critical ability, creativity, ethics, health, sports and personality development. Besides this we also provide value based education such as, national integration, impartiality, justice, human values and inculcate social service and civic responsibilities among them.


  • To become the Mentor of learners.
  • To provide value based education.
  • To provide education that will make them aware of their responsibilities.
  • To take efforts to develop their hidden skills.
  • To prepare the learners to become globally competent.
  • To provide the education preaching “Human Values”, honesty, respect, discipline, tolerance etc.